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2017-the Year of the Change
I retired and moved to Spain at the end of 2016 and brought the car with me of course. I will never get it re-registered as a Spanish car as nearly all the modified components are not approved in the very strict Spanish registration system. So I am formally handing over the car to my son although I will continue to keep it here in Spain and do track days and the odd race back in the UK such as the Brighton Speed Trials and perhaps some of the Goodwood Sprints.

During 2017, I did track days at Fuento del Alamo and Cartagena and went back and fore to the UK a few times in the car (particularly to get the MOT done). But the car has always run very hot and it has been a challenge to use it much here on the Costa Calida, particularly during the summer, I must admit.

Given that I will not be racing much any more, certainly not here in Spain, I now plan to update only my Facebook page - see above - instead of the blog page on this website. But the website will remain live so that my racing history and modifications are still availabe for information.

Click on the picture to see a short video of the start at a Cartagena track day in May 2017

Thanks to everyone who looks at my website, its been great sharing my racing challenges.

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