At the end of the 2016 Racing Season
After having "not enough" race outings in the car, I was determined to do some sprints as well as trackdays and the Brighton Speed Trials in 2016. Rather than join several clubs to entitle me to enter at races tracks across the UK, I decided to just have Brighton and Hove Motor Club membership which entitled me to enter races at Goodwood and Brighton. Goodwood is one of the fastest tracks in the country, and Ive never felt I got the best out of it over the years, so I took part in the Spring sprint at Goodwood organised by BHMC to see where my weak spots were. Then I invested in a test day at Goodwood to work out a plan of attack to get rid of the weaknesses. To my delight, it turned out that Goodwood only had three bookings for that particular test day, and I spent a great deal of the session with the track all to myself. It was so much easier to concentrate on improving my line into the corners and chicanes, with considerable help from my son Dave who is a much better racing driver than me having moved on to wheel to wheel racing. And the extra testing meant that I knocked several seconds off my lap times at the August Sprint at Goodwood which was a good result all round.

And so to the last race of the season, the Brighton Speed Trials in September. The usual packed crowds, hundreds of cars and motor bikes all taking their turn to hurtle down the quarter mile. I had a brilliant day, and beat my personal best on my final run, for run time, start time and closing speed.

After trying out Canada, Italy and France, I ended up researching the quieter coastlines of southern Spain and have bought a delightful villa with a pool in an area of the Costa Calida where the sun shines for 325 days a year. Retirement is definitely worth waiting for. Although my son's business, Gecko Brokerage, is doing well and he occasionally lets me help out to keep my hand in. More details of what he does in the Affiliated Company link in the right hand column.

What's Next
Well, hopefully finding some sprints here in Spain, particularly as my A speed licence is valid in Europe. But I now plan to start a branch of our track day company, PR, here in southern Spain. Watch this space, (and the link on the right!) for more details.

Thanks to everyone who looks at my website, its been great sharing my racing challenges.

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